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Where to Hide Keys

Where to Hide Keys
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It's certainly convenient to have a spare key waiting for you under the doormat at home. You won't care if the original one was left in the office. You won't mind if the door closes behind you when you go out to get the mail. It's a lovely idea for you, your friends, the neighborhood burglars… There are good and bad places to hide keys, but it is always important never leave them exposed out in the open. Never underestimate the intelligence of intruders and never forget that while you might succeed in avoiding a house lockout, so will the burglar (so to speak).

Forget about doormats, flower pots, plastic containers planted in flower beds, fake rocks or vegetable gardens. These are not good places to hide your house key. Even if you hide it in the most extraordinary place in the yard, don't forget that intruders might search in that place. In fact, will you remember where you put it, or you'll find yourself playing hide and seek? Whenever you want to hide keys – whether we are talking about home, office or chip car keys – think about the safest hiding points. These are certainly not in the yard or in the car for that matter!

The worst places to hide keys

Where to Hide KeysOne of the greatest mistakes people make according to Locksmith Bloomingdale is to hide an extra car key in the car. Take a moment to think why you got a spare in the first place. Nine out of ten people hide keys to avoid lockouts. Now let's consider the possibility of a car lockout and think how the spare will be of any use if it's locked in the car along with the original one? It's always best to keep them with you. If you are spending time out of the house and have a private office, it won't hurt to keep a home key there too, but without putting tags on it with your address and phone number.

When you are at home, keep keys safe too. By keeping them well hidden, you will find them when you are in a hurry to go and the safety of your children will never be risked. For example, if you install cabinet locks don't leave the keys where the kids can find them. This would cancel all your efforts to protect the items in the cabinet. Don't leave the auto chip keys exposed or in the car either. Hiding keys in the right place doesn't only have to do with security but often with safety reasons, too.

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