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Learn how to keep your home secure and learn about security measure and advice for homeowners, by reading these tips below. Here, you can also read about the full range of door and window lock services that are suitable for residential and commercial establishments.

Secure your house better with garage door and window locks

When you are away from home for longer, you can disengage the garage door opener and use the physical lock for maximizing security. Our experts explain that it is equally important for the first-floor windows to be locked from the inside. There are special locking devices for every type of window.

Lubricate keys along with locks

You have to clean both the lockset and the key beforehand. It is best if you use a graphite powder lubricant designed for locks. Once you squeeze some into the keyway, you need to apply some on the blade of the key as well. You can use a pencil to make it easier. Then, insert the key and turn it several times.

Lubricate locks with a specially formulated product only

It’s a mistake to use silicone lubricant or light household oil as any of them could ruin the lock. Graphite powder lube is made especially for mechanical locks and works excellently. Besides, it’s extremely easy to apply. You just have to pump it into the keyway. For best results, you should also apply a bit of the lubricant onto the blade of the key and then insert it gently and turn it several times.

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